TELS Mobile

Make Decisions from the Palm of Your Hand

TELS Mobile gives you a high-level view of each of your building’s statuses right on your Apple iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod touch®, and now for your Android device!

  • Complete Data

    Asset Tagging allows you to scan each of your labeled assets and view all the details specific to them. With it you can see existing work orders, repairs and warranty information, or create new work orders and tasks on the spot!

  • Increase Productivity

    Your staff can fill out logs and check tasks off as they go, avoiding trips back and forth to their desks to gather log books and maintenance instructions.

  • Asset Management

    Now you can manage your assets across multiple buildings, allowing you to control equipment when it changes locations and attach items directly to work orders for added flexibility!

  • Request Services

    Request Local Services for your community – such as HVAC repair, plumbing, electrical and more – conveniently through your TELS Mobile app.

  • Picture Management

    Capture a project’s progress visually by attaching a picture to your Work Orders or Maintenance Service Requests.

  • Ratings & Reviews

    Where Local Services is offered, provide immediate service feedback to ensure a consistently outrageous customer experience.

  • Real-Time Status

    TELS Mobile provides real-time data stamping so you know exactly when and where tasks have been completed.

Download TELS Mobile through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, and call us to get started.

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TELS Mobile improves your productivity by providing remote access to TELS tasks, instructions and work orders. Plus, our app shows you all of your buildings in your region, their past-due Life Safety tasks, any overdue tasks the buildings may have and when your staff last logged in to TELS.

TELS Mobile
  • “It took one of our Maintenance Directors half as much time to do these tasks because
    he had TELS Mobile.”
    Jim Noddin, Vice President of Property Management, Genesis Healthcare
  • “It saves the maintenance director the time of going back to their PC and entering in the information when they can enter it right at the point of contact.” Kevin Rougeux, Director of Quality Improvement, Aegis Living
  • “I’d say my deficiency rate has gone down about 90% overall because of TELS.” Carl Hogan, Maintenance Director for Advanced Healthcare Solutions
  • “Whenever we need help, there’s someone there to answer the phone.” Wayne Fisher, Regional Facilities Manager, Mid-Atlantic Health Care, LLC