Run Safer, More Comfortable Resident Environments

with Customized Planned Maintenance Programs

Planned Maintenance

No two Senior Living communities or maintenance teams are alike. Because your buildings require unique upkeep, and your teams possess varying skills, we’re here to help you design a custom maintenance plan to help you effectively run your buildings.

Planned Maintenance Web


Conveniently track TELS Planned Maintenance tasks being performed through your TELS Building Platform account for complete visibility. There’s no need for you to do anything; tasks completed by service providers are automatically updated on your behalf.


Easily view TELS Planned Maintenance tasks in TELS Mobile under Scheduled Tasks. Select the Planned Maintenance task, which features a black and white TELS icon, to access the details of the service being performed for you.

Planned Maintenance Mobile
To learn more about Planned Maintenance call 888-433-3224.