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Regulatory Compliance

Stay on top of regulatory requirements.

TELS has collaborated with industry experts and state surveyors to create a library of Life Safety tasks and materials that can be tailored to your buildings’ preferences. Routine jobs such as water temperature checks, fire drills and generator testing can all be customized with reminders so maintenance never has to rely on memory alone. It’s a tool needed to promote safe resident environments and help you stay prepared for surveys every single day.

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Life Safety
Asset Management

Asset Management

Keep your equipment running stronger, longer.

TELS gives you a single solution to efficiently manage your community. Oversee reactive and preventive maintenance tasks on the go, and gain newfound visibility into each asset’s related work orders, repair histories, warranties and manufacturer information. With this real-time “fix or replace” knowledge, you will be able to make smarter business decisions.

Work Orders

Complete tasks quickly and efficiently.

Prioritize and track your unscheduled maintenance tasks so you’ll always know what tasks are completed and when. Work Orders let you track unscheduled maintenance tasks – like fixing a leaky faucet or changing a light bulb – in the TELS system. With the Work Order function, you can launch Work Orders directly from your CareTracker or PointClickCare® kiosks, giving you the ability to start a Work Order for ad hoc tasks that aren’t part of your normal routine.

Work Orders
Unit Turns


Control the turnover process, reduce costs and save valuable time.

Shrink the window from move-out to move-in with the newest TELS® Platform tool. Unit Turns centralizes the process and delivers customized checklists, best practices, notifications, cost information and more wherever you work best – at your desk or on the go.

TELS Mobile

The TELS Mobile app allows you to manage your assets across multiple buildings, follow real-time Life Safety task updates and scan assets to view work orders, repair and warranty history specific to that equipment. Get more done in your building in less time with TELS Mobile.

Interactive Reporting

TELS Interactive Reporting gives you access to vital building information both at the micro and macro levels. On-demand reports provide a thorough summary of overdue tasks and logins to monitor productivity and compliance, and also allow you to track expenses and analyze costs.

Site Visit Tool

TELS Site Visits

Save time and easily document and track action items.

TELS Site Visits lets you easily execute site visits and track progress on action items from your mobile device, tablet or PC. Streamline your process and ensure timely, accurate results with a fully customizable checklist, unlimited space for notes, pictures and action items, the ability to directly dispatch service providers with TELS Building Services, and easy work order creation.


Integrate TELS Platform with your resident engagement technology.

Improve your work order process, communication and speed to close by connecting your technology platforms. Resident requests are automatically created and stored as work orders in TELS, and information freely passes back and forth between TELS and your resident engagement technology. Integration is accomplished by a low one-time fee, easy setup and fast activation. View our integration partners »


Frequently Asked Questions

Designed specifically for Senior Living, TELS Building Platform is a cloud-based building management software platform that helps you track Life Safety tasks, manage assets and schedule maintenance service and repairs. TELS organizes and houses your vital information across multiple buildings, while on-demand reports provide a summary of overdue tasks, monitor productivity and compliance, and allow you to track expenditures and analyze costs.

With the information stored in TELS Building Platform, your staff can track and manage critical equipment, schedule preventive maintenance procedures, ensure warranty use and help ensure Life Safety Code compliance. TELS also gives you visibility into multiple buildings from one platform, giving you insight into every aspect of the maintenance of your buildings.
TELS helps you keep your buildings compliant through consistent documentation for survey preparedness, Life Safety and OSHA. You have the ability to log on and check the completed tasks of your staff and buildings from anywhere there’s an internet connection.
You can access TELS Mobile by downloading it from the App Store or Google Play.
On the homepage, click “Forgot Your Password?” and follow the instructions on the page.

After logging into TELS, you may update your password by clicking “Change Password” located in the “Settings” menu of the Dashboard, or by clicking the link near the bottom of the page.

“TELS gives me a report that tells me any of the Life Safety tasks that weren’t completed in the building.”

- Jim Noddin, Genesis Healthcare

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